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10 Reasons Why Yoga Helps a Dancer

  1. Yoga has a positive influence on the posture and poise which leads to perfect balance.
  2. Yoga creates body awareness and increases the proprioception (lots of precise footwork).
  3. Yoga is a combination of physical and breathing techniques that help keep the body healthy and the mind calm.
  4. Yoga tones the muscles and keeps joints flexible – so incorporate yoga practice into your routine early enough in your dance life.
  5. Yoga asanas, practiced with awareness, teach a dancer to link breath and movement, which in turn helps harness the energy breath gives. The result? Higher energy levels and the stamina needed to perform for long hours, or for executing challenging or energetic dance sequences with more respiratory ease and grace. And less breathlessness!
  6. Helps dancers maintain their flexibility and focus and execute challenging sequences with more poise, resilience and balance.
  7. Boosts confidence and creativity- qualities essential for performances and when choreographing.
  8. Reduces risks of dance-related injuries and overuse injuries.
  9. Helps deal with pre-concert and/or on-stage nervousness. So does meditation.
  10. Especially helpful if you are getting back to dance after a longish break.