What has golf to do with dancing?

See below the instruction for “How to swing a Golf club” and find the similarities in dancing! Think about a reverse (left) turn in Viennese Waltz. Nothing beats going back to basics. For your body to move as freely as possible, you have to start in balance. Your weight should be in the middles of […]

10 Reasons Why Yoga Helps a Dancer

Yoga has a positive influence on the posture and poise which leads to perfect balance. Yoga creates body awareness and increases the proprioception (lots of precise footwork). Yoga is a combination of physical and breathing techniques that help keep the body healthy and the mind calm. Yoga tones the muscles and keeps joints flexible – […]

How to practise?

After all the theoretical knowledge we have to practise to get the knowledge into the body. In order to really dance in the way it is described, we need to have correct repetition in the basic movements. To become a better skilled dancer, we need to practise solo besides the practising together with partner. On […]